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“It is very difficult to find a lawyer that you can trust and rely on. Mr. Allen provided me with excellent service and a very favorable outcome with my case. I would recommend Mr. Allen to my friends and family.”

-Gaming Client

“Jamal Allen and his staff provide excellent services. I am very pleased as to how my case was handled through conclusion.”


“Mr. Allen is an outstanding attorney. He takes a personal /professional interest in all cases presented to his office. I highly recommend him for not only personal injury but all cases as I am sure he and his staff will demonstrate the same level of great care that they provided to me!!”


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Chandler AZ Personal Injury Attorney / Phoenix AZ Criminal Defense Lawyer

Allen & Associates
Allen & Associates, PLC, was founded in 1996 by attorney Jamal F. Allen. The firm was established in order to meet the legal needs of people throughout Arizona in the areas of personal injury and criminal defense. While at first glance these two practices may seem different, our firm offers trusted and experienced legal representation in both these types of cases when people need it most.

To schedule your free consultation with Jamal F. Allen, call 480-899-1025 or contact a Mesa, Arizona, personal injury attorney online. We offer free consultations in all areas. Personal injury cases are handled on a contingency fee basis. This means you will not have to pay attorney’s fees unless we recover compensation for you.

An Advocate to Stand Up for You

If you are dealing with an insurance company in a personal injury lawsuit, or if you are facing the government in a criminal matter, you are up against organizations with tremendous financial and legal resources. You need an advocate to stand up for you. That is what we do at Allen & Associates. We push for the best possible results for our clients. We do not back down when facing teams of lawyers.

Jamal F. Allen is available for professional commentary on personal injury and criminal defense issues. He readily works with news organizations and other professionals in these areas.

There Is a Settlement Value and There Is a Trial Value — We Know the Difference
At Allen & Associates, PLC, we want our clients to reach maximum medical improvement in personal injury claims. In other words, your case value depends in large part on the type of injuries you suffer and the medical expenses/effort necessary to help you heal. Pain & suffering, lost wages and loss of consortium are additional compensating factors.

When necessary, we work with specialists, such as accident reconstruction experts and medical professionals, to assess both the cause of the accident and the permanent implications of an injury. When we know who is at fault and the long-term impact on your life, we are able to demand a fair settlement from the insurance company.

Skilled Personal Injury Practice
We are dedicated to obtaining fair compensation for people who have been injured in various types of accidents, including:

We represent victims of brain, spinal cord and burn injuries as well as those who have lost loved ones in fatal accidents.

Extensive Criminal Defense Experience
Mr. Allen has extensive legal experience handling pretrial investigation, plea negotiation, motion practice and trials of major Arizona criminal matters. As a former Maricopa County prosecutor, Jamal F. Allen understands how cases are charged and how decisions are made in the DA’s office. As a defense attorney, he now uses that knowledge to your benefit.

In many situations, a prison sentence is not the most effective resolution, particularly for first time offenders, and we are dedicated to obtaining the best possible outcome for people charged with all types of crimes, including:

Contact Chandler Attorney Jamal Allen
Whether you need help with an Arizona injury case or defense for a felony criminal charge, contact a Mesa, Chandler or Tempe, Arizona, attorney to schedule your free consultation. Evening and weekend hours are available. Our office is located on Alma School Road bwtween the U.S. 60 and Baseline Road.